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Australia's first regional area to have Curling (ice-free)

We are super excited to include this activity with our expanding range of other activities in the venue.


We provide more active fun choices for residents of the Albury / Wodonga region.



Curling is a team sport, played on ice, where two teams take it in turns to slide stones made of granite towards a target – known as a House. Our lanes are ice-free, a synthetic compound hard wearing lanes and our curling stones roll on ball bearings. No special shoes or outfits and it's not cold either.

Play the game in a modified format and enjoy the fun of Curling. Maybe this could be your start to be Australia's next Winter Olympian in Curling like Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt who competed in the 2022 Olympics in China. 


Hire cost

Casual half hour

Casual full hour

$26 (one lane)

$45 (one lane)

Hire is per lane/sheet only. One to eight players can play




Game play

Our curling lanes have modified play compared to a full ice sheet lane. For a basic play:

  1. Decide who will deliver the first stone
  2. Either deliver your stone for the middle of the target (house), or to hit your and/or opponents stone
  3. Use the side walls to create angles for good positioning on the target etc
  4. Continue play until all eight stones have been delivered
  5. Once finished, measure who had the closest stone/s to the centre to determine who won that round
  6. In the next game, alternate who delivers the first stone


How to play our lanes (modified house rules must always be followed):

  • No person can stand on the lane whilst stones are being delivered.
  • Stones are always in play except when they hit the back wall.
  • Stones which hit the back wall are taken out of play, position them along the back wall to reflect they are out of play for that round. Any further stones which hit them are also not counted and they too are out of play.
  • You can knock an opponent’s stone to the back wall to enforce it out of play
  • Stones can be played by using the side walls to complete your deliver, this creates angles in your strategic play
  • You can deliver your stone into other stones to change the position of stones for a better potential scoring outcome



Important note, scoring is similar to Lawn Bowls. In Curling, the aim is to leave your stone closest to the centre of the house (white dot / target area) to win the round.

  • Score one point for closest stone to the centre plus an another point/s for each stones closer to the centre than the opposition.
  • A team scores points (up to four) as they have stones near the middle closer than the opponents closest stone to the middle.
  • Scoring all four points is a perfect round and this is termed ‘Snowman’
  • If both teams stones are equal to the centre, then round is a tie/draw and no point is scored.
  • Any stone which is not touching any part of the outer circle is not included in the scoring total



Game variations

  • First to 21 points, (using the redacted calculation method like Cornhole. The only points added are the winners
  • First to a predetermined number of points
  • First to win a predetermined number of rounds
  • Best of seven rounds (or other number)
  • Highest score at completion of session time.


Book now 02 6021 5000