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Human Foosball

Similar to tabletop foosball, but with real people, you, and a standard soccer ball, in an enclosed field with a group of 10 to 12 players.  Ideal player ages are 7 and over.

Zone Laser Tag Albury has a dedicated custom-built Human Foosball field.  Like table soccer, you grip the pad and can only slide left and right along the pole to retrieve, block and kick the ball forward for your team to try and goal.

We’ve scaled the table to an 11.5 metre x 3.8 metre field held in our Activity room.  Human Foosball is located in the central corridor between laser tag and mini golf building.


Player capacity

Ideally, 10 to 12 players will suit the field for the better playing experience. On each standard human foosball team, there are six players:  one goalie, three midfielders and two forwards. 

A game/match consists of two teams. The game/match can also be played with 10 or 14 players. Where possible, teams should have even numbers, yet groups can decide for themselves how they would like to form teams where it is uneven.

Our current ongoing booking times are:

  • Thursdays 4.30pm to 7.30pm and
  • Fridays 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

We do take bookings outside these hours, so if there is another time that suits your group, contact us so we can determine the day and time for your play. 




Booking types and prices

Casual play

  • Half hour (30 minute) sessions  $85 for activity hire  Thats $8.50 each player.
        -  include briefing and approximately 25 minutes of play.  Players must be finished to vacate the field by end of session.
  • Hour (60 minute) sessions  $140 for activity hire  Thats $14 each player for the hour.
        -  include briefing and approximately 55 minutes of play. Players must be finished to vacate the field by end of session.

Bookings can include more than two time blocks.

Sessions are booked on the hour and half hour, example 5.00pm, 5.30pm,  6.00pm etc,  Your group must arrive 10 minutes early to be ready to start on your sessions time. If your group is late, you will have reduced playing time if the next session is booked or you are the last session of the day.

Our staff will referee each session.

Activity Gear / Equipment

  • All players must wear acceptable shoes which generally are runners. You are twisting, moving side to side and kicking/blocking a ball, so enclosed footwear is suitable.  We have shoe hire available.
  • Face shields can be worn to add another level of protection from the ball being kicked in the face/head area.

Customer possessions / drinks

  • Beverages must remain outside the foosball field. Can be stored in designated drink area.
  • Personal belongings can be stored free in the lockers at zone laser foyer.
  • Where possible, belongings can be stored on the other side of the fence but this is the risk of the owner, not staff to protect this from loss.

Game play types

The varieties of game play are:

  • Continual play till end of session and, most goals win at the end. Determine a half time break/swap time.  Suitable for birthday parties to have two 7-minute halves)
  •  Timed halves of predetermined game time. At half time, a minute or two break then teams swap playing ends. This allows more games in the booking period. Suitable for school/Community/vacation care and other larger groups where some players need to sit out and wait.
  •  First to reach the targeted goal score (provided session time allows).  Ideal for hour long or longer booking sessions depending on group numbers. Not suitable for birthday party types or where games need to be short time periods.

Zone Laser Tag referee or Shift Leader to guide the group in the Game Play types that the group will play.


Rules of play

Players must not be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. We do accept the right for any customer to be refused to play, either before or during the activity.

Determine the game style to play and which team will kick off first.

The aim is to get the ball to your forwards (two players) to attempt to score a gaol.

Do not kick the ball hard, you just need to tap the ball forward a few metres at a time to your next row of players towards the forwards.

Use the black section of the walls to bounce ball from and always consider kicking side to side with your team mates on the same pole to create playing angles.

A goal is scored when the ball crosses over the goal line in the goal area and that team did not foul.

Play resumes after a goal by either

  1. The team which did not score the gaol kicks off (standard soccer rule), or
  2. One side gets first kick after each goal during the half. This swaps at half time for the other side to have the kick, or
  3. Alternate teams for kick after the goal.

By default, our referee will used option 1 unless your groups want to play differently.

Players must always hold the pole with both hands while the ball is in play. Releasing a hand/s off the pole during play is deemed unfair advantage and will result in a penalty to the opposition

The ball must remain UNDER the height of the poles. Any ball kicked above the poles will result in a penalty to the opposition, even of this was not intended.

Players cannot go under/over the pole to face the opposite direction. Players face one direction per half. Players can turn, but both hands MUST remain on the pole.

Swinging, hanging, spinning on the poles is not allowed and can result in a penalty or yellow/red card.

Players may switch positions or substitute a player after a goal and before the ball is kicked back into play. Teams must limit holding up play in these circumstances.

Players hands and arms are not allowed to touch the ball.

The team with the most goals at the end of the final period is the winner. 

Zone Laser Tag Albury Foosball referee have final say in all decisions.



Penalty, opposing team gets control of the ball. Ball given to the row (next to infringing player) and is the row closer to that team’s goal.

When a penalty is awarded against a team, any goal scored by that team during the penalty infringement will not count as a goal. 

Actions which result in a Penalty

  • Ball kicked over the height of the poles.
  • Player’s hand/s come off the pole which allows them movement to gain an extended advantage to attack or defend.
  • Player cannot go over or under the pole
  • Players touching the ball with their hands/arms during play (unless defending themselves from a high kicked ball) 


  1. Yellow Card is a caution,
  2. a second Yellow Card is an ejection,
  3. a Red Card is an ejection.

An ejection can be for:

  • A period of time and the player can return, or
  • the duration of that game or
  • from the rest of the paid session time,

Yellow Cards & Red Card will be assessed on player conduct issues such as,

intentional kicking, violation of the no swinging/hanging/spinning/excessive

stretching rules, continual hand release off the bar, swearing or other threatening behaviour whether it be physical, or verbal, equipment or player abuse and, any other non-appropriate comment or action as deemed by the referee or another staff member. 

Players who are ejected from play are NOT replaced during the period and no refunds in part or full will be given to the player/s who have been ejected from play.

We are a fun recreation venue and customer and staff safety are important.