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Tips to high scoring on laser tag

Several laser tag games are based on high scoring, in singles or a team game. Our laser tag leagues teach you to learn a variety of skills to improve your game.

For a casual player, playing Sole targets or Team targets, achieving a score of 20,000 is getable but will take you some skills to achieve this. Can you get this score? If you do, then come and see us and let us know. 

Use these tips to help you achieve this score.

Arena Bases

We have six bases located in the arena. They score 2001 points each on a successful tag (3 hits).  Score 12,006 point on singles and 10,005 in teams (you cannot tag your own colour)

Next time you play, focus on tagging all bases as a priority, then tag other players for points.

Player vest/phasor

Tagging other players also scores points each time you tag them. Each area on the vest has its own score value.  Tagging their left or right chest sensor scores the most points.  Good and quick aiming will have you score this area more often. 

  • Left or Right Shoulder 50
  • Phaser 50
  • Back 100
  • Left or Right Chest 200


These have their own score value point value. So look up near the top of the walls as you move around the arena to quickly identify when a target is up. They stay on briefly, so you need to be quick. 

  • Red - 100
  • Yellow - 200
  • Blue - 300
  • Green - 400
  • White - 2000

Targets also give you Power-ups. 

Orange doubles your points and red gives you quick fire to tag more players in one area, Use the strategy to wait for an orange target to appear during the first minutes of the game, if you do get it, then tag as many bases as you can to score double points.


Power-Ups – Tagging a target will grant a special ability. The target colour will determine the type of Power Up you receive.

  • Red – Hyper Mode. Fast respawn & firing speed. You can hold down the trigger to fire continuously.
  • Green – Shields. You have to be tagged multiple times to be deactivated.
  • Blue – Team Destroyer. Tagging one opponent will deactivate them, and all their teammates, which will grant the points for all deactivations.
  • Cyan – Retaliation. If you’re tagged, you will fire one final retaliatory shot, where ever you’re pointing.
  • Orange – Score Multiplier. All tags will grant you extra points.
  • White – Invincibility. You are immune from being tagged by opponents.