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Madness deals

Zone Laser tag Albury feels many of our deals are mad. Great for you though. Check our deals as there are one or more suited to you. 

All-in Madness pass for $35 per person, four-hour unlimited play on several activities  

Available each Sunday from 1.00pm - 5.00pm (will be available on some days of school holidays).  Click image for more details.

Zone Laser tag Albury has several fun activities varying in skill, challenge and enjoyment.  Our All-in Madness pass allows you non-stop unlimited activity play to explore several games and activities. Save lots of $$$ with our All-in pass.

Madness we say, Madness it is. Get your pass and try all activities.


This pass includes all you can play during the last four hours of each trading day during school holidays.  YOU get unlimited play of:

  • Laser tag – Capacity 35ppl each 20 min session
  • Mini golf – Capacity 20ppl each 30 min session
  • Corn hole – capacity 4ppl per board each 30 min session  (four boards)
  • Curling – capacity 4ppl per lane each 30 min session  (two lanes)
  • Human Foosball – capacity 8-12 players per 30 min session (Foosball will only be included on some days in some time slots when staff are available)

  * Arcade games and Virtual Reality not included.  If you arrive during the last four hours, you will pay full pass price but will only have the remining time till close of the pass session.


Activity capacity limits

The All-in Madness Pass cover a single day only with a limited number of passes are available each day. Pass can be booked at the venue on the day if any are remining.  We do not oversell All-in Madness passes as we need all customers to maximise their unlimited play on activities.  

With all activities we maximise players in each session so you could play with or against other pass holders (and casuals in laser tag and mini golf) in an activity to reach capacity. For a balanced fairness, we moderate Activity pre-booking limits based on the number of All-in Madness passes pre-sold and casual/group bookings pre-sold. Pass limits can vary daily.  

For fair activity rotation for all pass holders, you need to abide by the rules that you may not be able to join back-to-back activity sessions.  If there are other pass holders waiting, they will join in the next available session.  For any activity, once that session has finished and you want to continue, you can if there are still availabilities. For certainty of an activity play, where we can, we will be able to book you in as many single sessions as possible (not back-to-back).



We have party and group pre-bookings that will restrict casual and pass holder guests from joining that session for that activity.  Session times for all activities are listed online for your knowledge.

Wrist bands

You are required to wear a wrist band during your pass session so we know you have prepaid for the activity and allows us to identify customers. Your wrist band is your responsibility.  If you take it off or lose it do not rely on any staff remembering you specifically when you request a new wrist band.  If we cannot identify you then we will ask for payment of that activity or a new pass.