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Members Night

Members Night is held every Sunday Night from 7pm to 9pm for the unbelievably low price of $15 per person. This is an awesome evening of competitive style games that is enjoyed by people over the age of 15 years. There definitely is no limit to the maximum age- just be prepared to play tactically challenging games.

We base our games on the Zone Laser Tag Australasian Titles Rulebook and will play a number of competitive Team games & Elimination Games in a solo format.

You do not have to be a member to play, so if you love to play Laser Tag you are always welcome to try it out. We are always happy to have people come to give it a go. You never know you may be our next new team member to go play in the Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championships.

The next Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championships are being held in:

  • Albury 2018
  • Sunshine Coast 2019
  • Darwin 2020

If you are interested in the rules that are played by the Australasian Championship players there is a link that will give you the updated version.